Hi, my name is Francisco Hernández
I'm a Web Developer.

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I'm a Web Developer with enthusiams and focus on Frontend Development and Web Design.

I am passionate about building scalable and appealing software, creating effective solutions, and learning every day to grow professionally.

Feel free to contact me via email at any time.

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Telegram bot that tracks and notifies when a new chapter of a manga has been released. Made with ❤️ by me to the manga community.

Telegram Bot


Html implementation of Figma design for a charity dedicated portal that movilizes its community to bridge the gap and ensure Bay Area students have the educational tools they need to succeed. This was completed in record time with much dedication and care.

Demo Website Kudoboard


Landing page for Australian design/software development company, that's mainly dedicated to 3D design and development for construction, web, and games.


Servicios en Línea - Punto Solidario

Client self service for citizens that have a Solidarity Card, allowing them to manage their personal information and create complains. Built using Vuejs, JavaScript and Bulma.io.



Stickies is a TodoList frontend project designed to preview Vue.js and Vuex capabilities. Designed using figma software, Bulma and Buefy.

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Pokémon Pokedex clone. Using the public “POKEAPI” API. Built using Angular 8, TypeScript and Bulma.io.

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Pizza Collect App

App to divide pizzas cost for a quantity of people depending on how many pieces they’ll eat. Built using JavaScript and Bootstrap 4.

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Dinner Roulette

While taking a mobile application development course on Android. We were motivated to choose a final project. My idea was to create an application to randomly choose where to go to dinner with my girlfriend, because women never know where they want to have dinner. Built using Java on Android Studio.

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Understanding CSS Selectors

Brief guide for all those who want to learn and/or refresh their knowledge about CSS Selectors.

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